Garlic, Grief, & Hemorrhoids

Author’s Note: Before continuing to read this post – put down your coffee and quit eating your bagel, cereal or donuts.

If you are still eating or drinking, remember you have been forewarned

Life with me is never boring!  It’s just one adventure after another.

Dad’s Kitchen

Upon cleaning out Dad’s kitchen, we found a couple of home remedy books.  No big deal, lots of people have them nowadays.  If a home remedy can work and save a trip to the doctor’s office – great! 

While lying on the couch this evening I picked up the book titled: “Mother Nature’s Healing Cocktails: Apple Cider Vinegar, Nuts & Honey” by Louise Stanley and published in 2000 by MicroMags.

I opened the book to the middle of Chapter 9 “Just A Few Words About Garlic” because

“No magazine on healthful benefits of food would be complete without at least a brief mention of garlic.” (p. 65)

The following is the first remedy I read.

“Hemorrhoids: It may sound odd, but you can quickly eliminate this painful problem by inserting a peeled garlic clove in your rectum at bedtime.  Make sure it’s in as far as it will go.” (p. 71)


The Point

My point in blogging about this today is I laughed for a good solid 5 minutes, after which I felt much better.   In fact, I continued laughing off and on all night. 

I called Mom who also had a good laugh. 

Laughter As Medicine

Laughter is the best medicine for physical and mental ailments, especially grief.

I also heard a long time ago that adults do not laugh as much or as long as children.  So hopefully you laughed today.  A long and hearty laugh that made everyone wonder “What is going on?”  or “What is he/she up to?”

Thank You God for inventing laughter. 

Oh, and I pray I never have to find out if this works.