“The Event”

I always thought there was a reason why I was still unemployed.  After all one of my “Strengthsfinder 2.0” results was Connectedness meaning I believe there is a reason for everything.

Well the event has happened.

 If employed, my employer would never let me have the time off necessary to handle the event.

There are still a lot of things to take care of over the next several weeks.  Once those are done, hopefully the flood gates will open and the interviews, networking events, and offers of assistance from other people will come pouring in.

Oh, the event I’m talking about, well… you will just have to wait until the week of the 15th to find out.  Not only will all be said and done but I will have digested most of the event by then, enabling me to write some posts about it.

Until then, who knows what you will find when you visit my site. 

You might finally get to read the “Showering By Flashlight” post.  The post really does exist and I know I have threatened to publish it before, but the timing just might be finally right.

Have a day filled with lots of big and little joyous events.  All you need to do is look and you will find them because they are everywhere.