A Stinky(Not Sticky)Post


Two weeks ago last Friday,  I let Rommie out just before bedtime, she ran full speed ahead towards the fence out back.  No big deal, the kitty cats that roam the woods behind our house were apparently out for a midnight stroll.

Wrong! Rommie had a gentleman caller by the name of Pepe le pew.

The next thing I know she is sitting in the dining room blinking her left eyelid very fast  and foaming at the mouth. 

As soon as I started walking towards her from the kitchen BAM!  I get smacked upside the head nose with skunk.   

Obviously Rommie did not learn her lesson from about 7 years ago when she dove under the deck and bit a skunk on its rear end.  Her mouth took the brunt of that encounter.

Bath Time

So out comes the peroxide, baking soda and Dawn dishwashing detergent.  Ooopppssss, not enough peroxide.  So I shut Rommie in the bathroom and head to the grocery store that is open late because all the drugstores close to me were closed. 

The left side of her face, including her eye,  was all bright yellow.  I used her regular shampoo on a washcloth to wash her face as the peroxide mixture is not to be used on the face.   When I did this, I saw blood above her eye from a little cut, then blood in the foam coming out of the mouth.  However, it was not an amount worth taking her into the emergency room and incurring a large medical bill.

But I did call them to see about the effect of skunk spray in her eye.  The nice lady said the only thing to do is flush her eye out with water, if she will let me.  She would not.  Although a little water probably got in her eye during the rinse cycle of her bath.

After getting her cleaned up, I put towels in the laundry and at 1 a.m., called it a day.


Slept in until 10 a.m. then got up and called the vet, making a 2 p.m. appointment.  The vet checked the cut above her eye, no big deal.  The eye was fine, so scratches on the lenses and no harm from the skunk spray.  She did find two bite marks on Rommie’s tongue.  They were on either side.  Apparently when she got skunked, she bit down so hard she cut her tongue.  So that explains the blood in the foam.

The vet recommended washing Rommie’s collar with the hydrogen peroxide solution and then soaking it in OxiClean.  She had a dog that got skunked several years ago and that is how she got the smell out.  Also the vet assistant said Febreeze works on getting the smell out of the house. 

Two Weeks Later

It has been just over two weeks.  Her collar smells fine but her face does not.  I am using a formula I bought at the vet especially formulated for the face.  It does help but it is going to take time for that smell to go away.

I still smell skunk when I walk into the house and especially the bathroom.  I suspect even though I washed the bath rugs with OxiClean, it is not going to come out of the backing.   Will rewash them and scrub the floor with the hydrogen peroxide solution.  Hopefully that will eliminate the smell from the bathroom.

Also need to run the steam cleaner on the dining room carpet as I think some of the smell is still in the spot where she sat.   


Maybe this time she has learned her lesson.  Nah, I doubt it.  If Pepe le pew comes calling again, she will once again attempt to either play or fight with him.