“The Character of Leadership”

“The challenges we face today are not economic, environmental, social or legal; they are challenges of character and leadership.” 

Phillip H. Eastman II


The Character of Leadership, An Ancient Model for a Quantum Age”


Do not let the title fool you, this is an easy read.  It is a very powerful book and packed full of logical, common sense advice.  Start reading this book to children before they are born and as they grow up, this will bring about new generation of leaders who embody the characteristics lacking in the majority of our leaders today.

Just think what joy would fill people’s hearts if they knew public and private sector leaders possessed high-quality character. 

2 thoughts on ““The Character of Leadership””

  1. Michelle, thank you for the kind endorsement of The Character of Leadership. I am so pleased that you found value in the book and the model. If I can be of assistance please let me know. I am here to help. Phil Eastman II

    1. You are welcome Phil and thank you for your offer of assistance.
      I am sorry to be so late in responding to your comment,but chaos is reigning supreme in life right now. But boy have I got lots of material for future posts.

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