Commence Bombing Run

Rommie and I had some excitement last night.  I discovered the nest last night while we were playing ball.

I did see baby beaks but once I got the camera, they hid.  Will keep an eye on this and if I get any other good pictures, I will publish them.  Mama is very protective and does not like the paparazzi.

I did not get bombed or pecked on the head, but she did fly low enough that the top of my head felt a wind shear.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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Commence Bombing Run
End Bombing Run
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2 thoughts on “Commence Bombing Run”

  1. How exciting! We had a nest on our first floor patio one year, it was a great source of entertainment!

    1. It is exciting. There are usually wrens that build nests in the aluminum awning covering my deck, but for some reason they have not been around the last couple years. Still have not been able to get a picture of the babies. Hope you are having a wonderful day.

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