“They’re Grrreat”

Author’s Note:  I am an Aquarian, therefore I think just a wee bit differently than the rest of the world.   Today’s post is a good example of my wild, wacky and weird thinking and sense of humor.  Enjoy!

Oh… JT, put down your coffee.  I do not want you choking on it like you did last week.

 “Take It Easy”

Ok.  It’s a Tuesday after a long holiday weekend, hopefully one filled with good times shared with family and friends. 

I know you are groggy and moving slow today. Plus some of the “Weekend Wisdom” posts were a little on the heavy side, so I decided to lighten things up a bit today.

My Battle For Independence…

from zits. 

It’s maddening fighting zits.  It been a long time since I had to fight this battle but it still gives me fits, which is the pits.  

Confusion clouded my head at the drugstore as I decided which zit fighting kit to git.  Also, do I go with clear or colored zit cover up.  Then I need mitts for my hands to keep from popping my zits.

After I got home and started applying the colored concealer, I suddenly changed my perspective about zits.

“They’re Grrreat”

It is great to have zits!

Then hiring managers can’t discriminate against me because they think I am old.  After all how can I be old when I have zits?

Embrace your zits, love your zits, and wear them proudly. 😀

Would you…

rather I published a post entitled “Showering By Flashlight”? 😕

Coming tomorrow: something a little more serious and professional – maybe.

2 thoughts on ““They’re Grrreat””

  1. Michele, THANK YOU for the warning. Imagine my surprise when I saw the request to put down the coffee in the RSS feed. You know me too well!

    Yes, the zit thing is plaguing me too. What is up with that!?!? Well, as long as I don’t have to go back to High School, I’ll deal with them. 🙂

    1. You are welcome JT. Hopefully this off the wall post gave you a good chuckle. I know these short weeks can sometimes be worse than a 5 day work week.

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