“Griefshare” – My Explanation

A couple weeks ago I was asked the following by my mentor and career counselor, JT O’Donnell, inquiring about Griefshare and who would benefit from the program.

“Question: Is Griefshare only for folks who are religious? Do you have members who aren’t affiliated with any church? I’m just curious because I think a lot of people who aren’t practicing any religion could benefit but might tend to shy away if the focus is on relating to God. Just an observation.”

My Answer

Below is part of my answer:

“The group is open to anyone.  Religous or not.  The belief is a more complete healing can take place with the help of Jesus.  Personally, I agree.  I do not know how people deal with grief without a belief in God. 

My fellow facilitators and I do not know the religious beliefs of our participants. When they fill out the registration form some put down a church affiliation and some do not. 

 All we do is provide refreshment, press the play button on the DVD player, and ask the first question “What caught your attention in the video tonight?”  God takes it from there.  The conversation goes where He wants it to go.  He knows what each person believes, where their heart is, and what they need. 

You and I would never have met if it were not for this program.  I doubt I would have made it through the first year without it.  If so, I would have ended up in the looney bin for life….”

Closing Thought

Some people in society believe needing a program like “Griefshare” means you are a weak person. 

“…However, only the strong are willing to admit they are weak. God uses bad times to grow people.  I know I have grown.”

Her Final Answer

“…That answer was brilliant!!!!!

🙂 Now you know why I asked it…..the career story you just shared shows why this is your calling.”

My Calling

Yes, “One Way Or Another” (Blondie), grief is my calling and has been since I viewed my first dead person (Great-Grandma) at the ripe old age of 3 yrs and 10 months.  “Oh What A Night!”(Frankie Vallie and The Four Seasons)

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