Golden Lesson #2 – Get Excited!

Each day is filled with tail wagging excitement.   

For Starters

There is breakfast – fish and sweet potato.  Yum!  I get so excited I do an Irish jig.

Hello Neighbor

The excitement continues when I hear Jewels, my BFF who lives next door, outside barking.  I get to go say hello to her.  Sometimes her human brothers and parents are outside.  Then I shove my tennis ball underneath their fence and wait for them to throw it back.  I run full-speed across my yard to retrieve it and then shove it back under their fence.  This drives Mom nuts as she does not want me pestering our good neighbors.  Personally, I think they enjoy it as much as I do. 

Get Off My Fence!

"Don't Make Me Tell You Again - Stay Off MY Fence!"

Then I keep watch over my backyard for squirrels jumping on my fence.  When they do, I run full speed down the hill and they jump on a tree behind my fence.  Keeping the squirrels at bay is one of my main jobs. 

Here is a Wanted Poster of last year’s outlaw.

Wanted - "Squirrley" Red Tail

Treat Time

I get a treat after getting my paws wiped when I come in from outside.  I usually do either a soft shoe or a tap dance at treat time.  Unless, Grandma has sent home some Bil-Jack biscuits.  Then I do an Irish jig because those are so yummy. 


Mom keeps my pool in the shed and every time she gets it out, I just get so excited I do some disco dancing – usually the Hustle.  It is fun getting into my pool after chasing tennis balls.  The water is so cold and refreshing. 

Mom’s Home

When Mom comes home from running errands, attending job fairs, or going on interviews, it is party time and that excites me.  It is at this time I spin around in circles at least three times, Mom calls this my helicopter move.


Sometimes my Grandpa Q., Grandma B., Amy, and other friends and family visit.  My excitement level is off the charts when I see a car pull into the driveway.  I dance, spin in circles and can’t wait to bolt out the door to greet them.  They bring such joy to my life and I love everyone who visits.


Then there is always dinner – more fish and sweet potato.  Double Yum!

Told You So!

See I told you my days are filled with tail wagging excitement.  Yes, some are everyday occurrences but they still excite me.

What About You?

Whether it is the ordinary or extraordinary events – how many times in a day do you get excited?  Not many?  Reexamine your day and I bet you will find several things or events to get excited about – and guys, I am not talking about Ms. April.  

2 thoughts on “Golden Lesson #2 – Get Excited!”

  1. Rommie,

    You are such a blessing! Your mom is very proud of you and appreciates your companionship. Every widow would benefit from a great companion like you. I am excited to see your Golden Lesson #2. Thank you for sharing today, Rommie! 😉


    1. Ms. Susan,

      Good Morning! Just finished my fish and sweetpotato. Thank you for your comment. You are so kind. Maybe Mom will bring me out to see you soon.

      Love, Rommie

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