Golden Lesson #1 – Passion

Air "Jaws"

Woof, Woof – I’m baaaaaaackk!  I hacked the computer when Mom went to the grocery store today. So I wrote a series of articles for this week.  Enjoy the treat!  Love, Rommie.

My Passion

Just like most of my golden cousins, I have a passion for tennis balls.  My passion runs deep and playing with them is my main goal every day.  I would play from sun up to well past sun down.   In fact Dad, Mom and I played ball for 5 hours one hot August day – a few months before Daddy moved to heaven.  After every other throw I cooled off in my pool.  The only reason we stopped was Dad decided to grill hamburgers. 

My Magic Number

My mouth will hold two.  As a puppy, I tried to stack them side by side but discovered my mouth was not wide enough, so I figured out how to stack them on top of one another.  One time I did manage to get three but I started gasping for air so I spit them out at Daddy’s feet.  Lesson learned –breathing is important.


One of my favorite games to play is tug-o-war.  Upon bringing the ball back, I will hold on to it with all my might.  It is the best part of playing ball.  Whoever is on the other end will up give up or sometimes I will relinquish the ball. Lesson learned – Be kind to others.

"Let Go Of The Ball!"

This photo is of me and Grandpa Q. playing ball.  Notice he has to use two hands to try and pry the ball from my mouth. 

Going A-Stray

Mom has been known to throw a ball over the fence into the woods, when this happens, I spaz out.  I will run my fence line until Mom distracts me with a new ball.  She thinks I have forgotten about it, but in reality I decided to let the groundhogs and raccoons play with it.  Another lesson learned – Sharing is important.


I occasionally miss catching the ball.  When this happens in the house, it will roll under Mom’s bed or dresser.   I run to her so she knows it is in enemy territory.   I will persistently pester Mom until she rescues my ball from the dust bunnies.  Lesson learned – persistence pays off.


So what’s your “tennis ball” in life?  

Air "Yoda"

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  1. Great job, Rommie! I promise to play catch/fetch with you next time I come. Ask Mommie for a Rommie Treat from me to you. Very good lessons!

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