Can’t Smile Without Rommie

Every morning Rommie came over and put her head on my bed. She would be chomping on a tennis ball and wagging her tail. She was trying to get me out of bed so she could go out and then eat. As much as I wanted to pull the covers over my head, I did not want to smell pee and poop. So I got out of bed.

Dr. Rommie
Rommie knew when I was feeling down and would come nudge my hand so I would pet her. Guess she knew petting lowers blood pressure. If a nap was necessary to reset my mood, she would jump on the bed and snuggle with me.

And then there is her grin. It is tough being in a bad mood with her sweet, loving and smiling face staring at you. Sometimes she would hang her tongue out the side of her mouth when panting and I could just hear Joe telling her to stick it out front. He always told her she looked like a dork when hanging her tongue out the side.

Can’t Imagine
I am unable to imagine surviving the first year without Rommie’s help. If I had to live the first year over without her, maybe My Death Sentence would have come true.

Thank You’s
Thank you God for blessing Joe and I with Rommie. She truly is an angel.

Thank you Rommie for being there 24/7 with your unconditional love afterall…

“You know I Can’t Smile Without You,
I Can’t Smile Without You,
I can’t laugh
and I can’t sing,
I’m findin’ it hard to do anything.”

“Can’t Smile Without You”

Barry Manilow