Rommie’s Story – Finale

Rommie March 2011 - After Grooming
Life A.D. (After Daddy)
Mom continued to be a foster parent for about a year after Daddy left us.  Then she decided it was too much and there were other ways of helping the rescue organization.  She figured I knew what was going to happen and that is why I never bonded with any foster sibling.

More Chaos
It has been almost 3 years since Daddy moved to heaven and during that time Mom got laid off.  I understand this is not a good thing for keeping my treat jar stocked but Mom is home more which is totally awesome!  Although there are days where she leaves and is purposely gone a long time.  She does this so I do not get use to her being around and possibly develop separation anxiety upon her return to full time work.

Mom’s Right
Mom was right when she said we would be okay.  We have been and actually we are better than okay.  Mom has learned that okay means mediocre and mediocre is not a good thing.  However, mediocre does describe the first year.   Since then we have steadily gotten better than mediocre with each passing year.

Mom  Helps Others
Mom spends time at church helping other sad people.  She has been doing this for almost two years now.  She loves seeing people come in with their tail between their legs and leave with their tail wagging and a big grin on their face.  Giving back brings Mom joy.  What makes Mom happy makes me happy.

How I See Daddy’s Death
Yes, my Daddy died.  I still love and miss him.  But I quickly adjusted my attitude to one of gratitude because I still have Mom!

Thank you for reading my post over the past three days.  Mom will be back tomorrow.

Love, Hugs and Sloppy Wet Kisses to you.


Bio: Rommie Kearns got her name from the Sci-Fi TV show “Andromeda” starring Kevin Sorbo.  Rommie is short for Andromeda.  Alexa Doig is the actress who played Rommie.
Rommie loves life, tennis balls, going to the vet, going to see Grandpa Q. and Grandma B., and Halloween when all these nice people and kids come see her.