Rommies Story – Part 2

My Last Picture with Daddy

After Daddy went to the human vet hospital, Mom was gone longer than normal.  She would go to work and then to see Daddy at hospital.  At least I had Katherine to keep me company.

Chaos Moves In

One day Mom came home and let Katherine and I outside but she would not let us in.  We kept barking but she was busy talking on her cell and regular phone.  She finally let us in and threw some food in our dishes.  I heard her make arrangements with the neighbors to doggie sit, then talk to Grandma B. and Uncle Pat.  She then left.

The neighbors came and took care of us and we kept waiting for Mom to come home but she did not.  We waited anxiously the next day but she still did not come home.  Finally she got home around 10 p.m. and was very sad.   Katherine and I were very happy to see her.  There is one rule in my house and that is when Mom gets home, it is party time!!!!!!

Except this night after Mom let us in from potty break, she went to bed – the nerve of her.   I got so mad I grabbed her socks, and started shredding them.  I like chewing and shredding socks.  You humans think they stink but I love their smell and yummy taste.   Mom got out of bed and I thought she would be mad, but she said she understood why I was upset and misbehaving.  She took the socks and threw them in the trash and went back to bed.  Still very sad and crying.

I hate to see Mom cry.

Mother/Daughter Talk

The next morning Katherine and I were excited because since it was light out and Mom was home it had to be playtime!  I jumped on Mom’s bed to get her up.   It was at that time we had a talk.  She told me:

“Rommie, Daddy is not coming home.  He died last night.  It is just going to be you and I from now on.  We will be okay.  I do not know how but we will be okay.”

What?! Daddy not coming home?  He died?  Oh no!  I just laid down next to Mom, put my head in between my paws and let out a big SIGH!  Mom’s heart broke into another million pieces as she knew I had understood every word.


The next few days Mom was in and out, in and out, doing whatever it was she had to do.  Then two days later Katherine and I looked out the window and Grandma and Grandpa Q.  from New Mexico were here.  Yes!  I love them.  Having them around was great even though they were sad too.  Katherine and I managed to take their mind off Daddy’s death every now and then with our antics. Grandma and Grandpa Q. stayed with Mom and I till June.

Another “Meet & Greet”

About six weeks after Daddy died, a nice lady came for a “meet and greet.”  Katherine picked up a huge rope toy and dropped it at the lady’s feet.  They played a good game of tug-o-war.  That was Katherine’s way of letting Mom and I know it was time for her to leave us.  She had done her job keeping Mom and me company.

Bio: Rommie Kearns got her name from the Sci-Fi TV show “Andromeda” starring Kevin Sorbo.  Rommie is short for Andromeda.  Alexa Doig is the actress who played Rommie.

Rommie loves life, tennis balls, going to the vet, going to see Grandpa Q. and Grandma B., and Halloween when all these nice people and kids come see her.