Positively Embrace The Negative

Having a positive attitude during a grief journey is vital to recovery. 

I am not talking about burying grief, putting smile on your face and walking around acting like nothing happened.  That is a false positive attitude.  Choosing that route is stuffing feelings deep down inside which is not good for mental or physical well-being.

A positive attitude during my grief journey meant I had to know this journey was survivable.  I knew Joe wanted me to move forward because we discussed what he wanted me to do if I survived him.  I drew on that fact and the fact that others made it through this journey.  If they can do it, I can too.

Even though I knew this journey was survivable, it was not easy, it was not quick and I had plenty of bad, very bad and extremely bad days.    

Embrace The Negative

There were times grief and I became one.  I felt all the negative emotions.  Experiencing these emotions was the best way to work through grief.  I appreciated the good times by fully embracing the bad times.  There were numerous times I told grief that while he succeeded in knocking me down, I was not staying down.  After getting up, I would figure out how/why grief sucker punched me, learn from the experience and move forward.

If the same experience happened again, I knew how to deal with it.

I survived my grief journey.  Therefore know that you will survive yours journey too, if you are on one.   

If you are not experiencing grief, be thankful.  When you do experience it, know that you will survive it.