Starving For Relationships?

By relationship I mean a friendship or business relationship not a physical relationship – whatever that is. 

The Relationship Theme

“The world is starving for relationship’s” is a theme I’ve been hearing from several sources.  Supposedly people want to have relationships. 

However, most do not want to have relationships with widows.

Once someone finds out I am a widow they tend to run for the hills, I guess because they are alive with “The Sound of Music.”  “Networking, Interviews and Widowhood” addressed the reasons they run.

I am attempting to explain the hurt that their running causes.  Describing the hurt is difficult because I always fail at finding the right words. 

 “I’m So Hurt”

“Hurt” – 2 a: to cause emotional pain or anguish to : OFFEND – Merriam-Webster’s collegiate Dictionary Eleventh Edition

It hurts when people run away.  Their action usually reduces me to tears because of emotional pain inflicted.   When it happens I cry on the inside in public and on the outside in private.   

If a person is going to run, they will get flustered and say they will be in contact.  Their nerves show and I can just tell they are anxious to get away from me.

Each day I live with the risk people will run.  Living with that risk causes me to raise my guard and tense up.  Spending each day that way is tiring.  It is easier to stay away from people, which is not a smart move for someone in transition.

The Loneliest Word

One might be the loneliest number according to Three Dog Night, but widow is the loneliest word.   Loneliest because of how widows feel after people run from them.  If you get to know a widow and hear her story, you just might find her one of the most fascinating people you ever met.  


To my friends – thank you for your continued support. 

To the people I have met during transition who have not run for the hills, thank you for accepting me.  You will never know how much I value our new-found friendship.

The Truly Starving

While the world might want relationships, widows are the ones starving for relationships – starving to feel needed, to feel valued and to be appreciated for who they are and what they’ve been through.  

Do you have the guts to enter into a relationship with a widow?