Determining My Gifts

As part of job search I need to figure out my gifts.  This takes a lot of soul searching and is not easy – at least not for me.  In doing this soul searching I found myself thinking about the day the stroke occurred at the base of Joe’s brain.

Stroke #1

The doctors did a CAT Scan shortly after the stroke happened.  It showed massive brain bleeding but apparently not massive enough for them to declare Joe brain dead. 

A second CAT Scan was scheduled for 8 p.m. Friday night but something happened (I really do not remember what) and it could not be done, so it was rescheduled for 10 a.m. on Saturday. 

Stroke #2

As the nurses were getting Joe ready for the scan on Saturday, his blood pressure shot up to over 240 for the top number, don’t remember the bottom number but basically he had another stroke.  Once they got him stabilized from the stroke they took him for another CAT scan.  The scan confirmed brain death.

Finding the Silver Lining

I do not remember how long it took but I found the silver lining.  If the second CAT scan had been done before the second stroke, there might have been enough blood getting through to the brain that the doctors would not have been able to declare him brain dead. 

In which case, I would have had to sign papers authorizing removal of life support. Joe believed if there was no chance to be a productive member of society then pull the plug, as life on a respirator is not quality living.    

Signing the papers might have pushed me over the edge.  I might have ended up in a rubber room wearing the latest in straight jacket fashion or I might have ended up dead.

God’s Role

God made the decision.  

He knew I was going to have enough to cope with just recuperating from Joe’s death and the unemployment coming my way that I did not need to deal with authorizing pulling the plug.

The doctors said hearing is the last sense to go.  So I was blessed to know he could still hear me while I sat by his bedside Friday night. 

God gave me two blessings.  The ability for Joe to hear what I said and making sure I did not have to authorize terminating life support.

Thank you God.


Is being able to find the silver lining among a nasty situation a gift?  If so, how can I use it in my next job?  How do I use it in marketing myself?

Guess determining that is my next step.