Reading List

This list of helpful books will be updated periodically:

  • NIV Study Bible published by Zondervan.  This is the Bible I use and most Biblical quotes on this site will come from this version.
  • Healing After Loss: Daily Meditations for Working Through Grief – Martha Whitmore Hickman – Joe’s aunt gave a copy of this at his wake.  It is not geared towards any one religion.  Ms. Hickman has been through grief and has put together an excellent book that helped me work through my grief.  The book has a five-star rating on Amazon and 201 customer reviews – need I say more.
  • Through a Season of Grief: Your Journey from Mourning to Joy – Bill Dunn & Kathy Leonard – It is available on Amazon and also through the bookstore and via daily email on Griefshare.org.  I received the emails and was also given the book.  I still refer back to this book when necessary.