Why “Joy Returns”?

Why title my blog about my widowhood adventures Joy Returns

Well, in doing research on other blogs pertaining to widowhood, I discovered they did not hold my attention in part because they contained pictures looking like they were taken from a funeral home’s brochure – very serene, pastoral and depressing. 

Also widows were telling all the down and dirty details of their spouses passing and if I had printed their story, I would have ended up with a book thicker than Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace.  YUCK!  I do not have time to read that either online or on paper nor do I want to know all the details of someone’s passing.

 I want to know how to recover from grief.

Support Group’s Role

My church runs Church Initiative’s Griefshare program which I attended after Joe died and now co-facilitate.  The program’s tagline is “From Mourning to Joy”.  It is because of that tagline that I decided to incorporate joy into the title. 

When people visit  I want them to see a cheery, optimistic site that lets them know joy does return to the lives of those who are grieving, but it takes time.  

Joy returned to my life and it will to yours or your loved one’s too.

Be patient.