HAPPY 2014!!!!!!!!!!!


I had to tear myself away from watching the cardinals in the woods behind my house. They are so pretty against the 4 inches of snow we have received, so far.  By tomorrow morning Rommie and I could see another 4 inches.  

This post marks the end of the 2013 edition of “40 Days of Joy.” Hopefully you found some joy and/or encouragement here during the past 40 days.

Publishing Schedule

As of January 7th, I will return to publishing an original post weekly.  This Saturday will mark the return of “Weekend Wisdom.” For those of you new here, “Weekend Wisdom” consists of quotes, poems, or scripture to help lift up your spirit.

One Goal

I have one goal for 2014 involving JoyReturns and that is to improve the quality of my writing. There are other items I want to implement but those will take a backseat for now.


Thank you to the following people who contributed quotes or recipes for this series:

Lisa Ryan, Jennifer Chernisky, Katherine Miracle, Jeff Nischwitz, J.T. O’Donnell, Ann Marie (Amy) Kocias, and Sharon Reuder.

Our friendship is precious to me.

A Wish For My Readers

May God bless you with health, wealth and joy in 2014. 

May you be surrounded by people who support, encourage and help you achieve your dreams in 2014 and beyond.


May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.

2nd Corinthians 13:14 (NIV)

It Is Still NOT Just Another New Year’s Eve (2013 Edition)


“It’s just another New Year’s Eve, 
Another night like all the rest.”

New Years Eve – 2008 was not like all the rest and yes it was the worst I had experienced.  I did manage to get through it but it was tough.

Normally Joe and I would have a glass or two of champagne at midnight, drinking out of monogrammed glasses I bought for our first Christmas.

Not this year.

There would be no popping the cork outside on the deck, no clinking the glasses, wishing each other a Happy New Year, and no kiss.

I felt so lonely and there was no joy in the house that night.

Dick Clark and I are usually together on New Year’s Eve.  It was even tradition for Joe and I to watch him.  However, there was no Dick Clark in 2008 as Rommie and I were in bed by 10 p.m.


 “It’s just another New Year’s Eve, 
Let’s make it the best.”

It still is not just another New Year’s Eve and never will be again.  Because tonight is another reminder that the world is made for couples and I am no longer part of a couple.  Thank God this night only comes once a year.  That fact brings me great joy.

However, Rommie and I will enjoy tonight and then be in bed by 10 p.m.


If you are grieving the loss of a spouse this year, hang in there.

You will get through it.

Go to bed early if you want. I know it is painful but you have made it this far, it is just a couple more days till January 2nd when the world will be back to normal.  Then you can breathe a sigh of relief that the holidays are over.

Remember, just as the song says:

“But when we’re through this New Year 
You’ll see, WE’LL be just fine.”

You and I will be just fine.  Let that fact bring you joy tonight and tomorrow.

“It’s Just Another New Year’s Eve”

Don’t look so sad, it’s not so bad you know.
It’s just another night, that’s all it is,
It’s not the first, it’s not the worst you know,
We’ve come through all the rest, we’ll get through this.

We’ve made mistakes, but we’ve made good friends too.
Remember all the nights we spent with them?
And all our plans, who says they can’t come true?
Tonight’s another chance to start again.

It’s just another New Year’s Eve,
Another night like all the rest.
It’s just another New Year’s Eve,
Let’s make it the best.
It’s just another New Year’s Eve,
It’s just another Auld Lang Syne,
But when we’re through this New Year
You’ll see, WE’LL be just fine.

We’re not alone, we’ve got the world you know.
And it won’t let us down, just wait and see.
And we’ll grow old, but think how wise we’ll grow.
There’s more you know, it’s only New Year’s Eve.


Barry Manilow/Marty Panzer

Weekly Photo Challenge: JOY

Today I am taking part in the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.  Every Friday a new theme is revealed and bloggers are encouraged to post a photograph whether or not they have a photography blog. How could I not participate when this weeks theme is “Joy.”

This picture of Rommie making a snow angel was taken a few weeks ago. It is by far the best snow angel picture I have taken over the years.  Rolling around not only brings her joy but brings joy to my heart as well. Whenever I see her making snow angels, (or practicing her technique in the spring, summer or fall), I stop what I am doing and just watch her. Doing so brings back joyful childhood memories.

Those were the carefree days, my friend.



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