Do The Extrovert Thing

Well, I am home safe and sound from a networking event.  I had a great time, met wonderful people and got to speak about selling Tastefully Simple because I donated a door prize.

It was a smaller group than I expected but there were 2 other networking events going on that probably cut into our attendance.

I had a conversation with a nice lady named Heather, us introverts prefer one-on-one conversations so we can get to know people and work on developing friendships.


Yes I would prefer to stay home curled up with Rommie and a good book, but that does not do the job search or blog promotion any good.  Unfortunately there are job seekers out there who refuse to attend events for whatever reason. Well job seekers need to meet people.  Now-a-days the mantra is:

It is not about who you know but it is about who knows you. 


The only way people are going to know someone is if they get out there and mingle.  So to all the job seekers out there – just go to networking events and do the extrovert thing.

The rewards, like my conversation with Heather, are greater than the risks. 


  1. Amy Nabors says:

    As an introvert I also have to remind myself to do this. Good advice.

    • Michele Kearns says:

      It is good advice, but boy was I tired when I got home. I could not get into bed fast enough. ;-)

  2. Welcome back Michele.. really this is an advice i will take… Well said… :)


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